Souvineer is the multi faceted musical project started in winter 2020 by musician and songwriter Alissa Leonard formerly of Jacksonville, Florida based bands Isabella Parole and Manatella. Souvineer songs are typically lyrically/story driven and low fi folk/pop/rock. 

Souvineer's first EP titled Snowglobe was released in August 2021 recorded at Pine Studios in Jacksonville, Florida and mastered by  The Glow Studio in Athens, Georgia. The project has grown to include new band members  Meaner Mann, Kelly Green (Light the Moon) and Daniel Hastings (Edenfield).  

Souvineer is currently playing shows  in the North Florida area and preparing releases for 2023. 


Press photos

Walrus Jacksonville, Florida 2022

Riverside Arts Market Jacksonville, Florida 2022

Hunger Fight Fundraiser 2022